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Graphic Design


About Us

Agency Eleven100 stands as India’s foremost creative agency, distinguished for its exemplary services in film production, photography, graphic design, and web-based applications. We are driven by a deep appreciation for artistry and creative direction, perpetually dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations.

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Digital Revolution

Creativity is not an

App. Knowledge ,

Research &

Positivity is all it

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Our Services

  • 01.Film Production

    We excels in innovative film production, creating visually stunning and compelling cinematic experiences.

  • 02.Photography

    Agency Eleven100 captures breathtaking moments through innovative photography, blending artistic vision with technical expertise

  • 03. Web Development

    We delivers cutting-edge web development, creating responsive, user-friendly websites that drive engagement and growth.

  • 04.UI UX

    Agency Eleven100 creates intuitive UI/UX designs, focusing on user-centric principles to deliver seamless, engaging interfaces that enhance user experience, drive satisfaction, and boost retention with visually appealing digital products.

  • 05. Graphic Design

    Our Agency excels in graphic design, crafting visually compelling and innovative designs that effectively communicate your brand's message and captivate your audience.

  • 06. Art Direction

    Photography the art or process of making pictures by means of a camera that directs the image of an object onto a surface (as film) that is sensitive to light.

Our Clients

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Our Joint Ventures

Paisa Phek Tamasha Dekh

Our passion for film making is beyond International boundaries & above all the pricing barriers. Paisa Phek Tamasha Dekh is a low budget film production providing services for documentary films, music videos, talk shows & corporate A/V films as per your budget or barter system.

Unheard Artist

Everyone deserves an exemption in life, at least once. We all love music don’t we? But when it comes to giving an opportunity to new buddying artist, there are less opportunities for them. Agency Eleven100 is proud to have a joint venture with Unheard Artists, an Indian music company which gives opportunities to artists with original compositions. We nurture, train and upgrade artists to rise & shine on music globe.


In the era of hi-tech world, creativity stands apart. Weddography is a wedding photography & videography company offering services like: - Wedding photography, wedding videography, wedding cinematography, wedding live- streaming, wedding invites, wedding social media, wedding websites, wedding e-invite, wedding RSVP & wedding music production.

We Are Proud to be Philathrophic with

Anything Will Do Foundation

Agency Eleven100 is not just about doing some creative work having a cool work culture around. We are a very thoughtful company with bent towards philanthropy. We are proud to be associated with Anything Will Do (AWDORG Foundation) for all the digital support. We “work for less” for digital transformation of non-profits & support them with website, software development, digital media & graphic designing.